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Fast Setup and Activation!
No Contracts, Cancel anytime!
Unlimited Message Sending!
Unlimited Subscribers!
No Web/print Design Needed!
Pre-designed Opt-in pages
Mobile Coupon creator
Print Ready Invite creator
URL Shrinker
Custom Welcome Autoresponder
Unlimited Text Blasts
Unlimited Subscribers

If you haven't considered adding Mobile Marketing
to help grow your business...
What Are YOU Waiting For? Just Look At
These Exciting Facts About Mobile Marketing:
A Whopping 97% view rate within the first 9 minutes of sending!
An incredible 27% response rate within the first 60 minutes!
Mobile Coupons are redeemed 4 - 8 times more than standard coupons!
Over twice as many active SMS text users than there are active users of email!
Mobile phone owners keep their phone within 3 feet of them 24 hours a day!
Average mobile phone users send/receive more text messages than voice calls!
87% of the U.S. population own cell phones!
When given a choice 39% - prefer text messages to radio or TV advertising!
How much better does it have to be before you decide to jump in,
and benefit from this new marketing playground...
This is INSTANT Consumer Marketing Running on High Octane Rocket Fuel!

Who Can Benefit From mySMSblaster:
Bars & Clubs Restaurants Coffee Shops Boutiques
Spas Beauty Salons Fitness Tanning
Hair Salons Nail Salons Realtors Automotive
Chiropractic Dentists Churches Schools
Casinos Music Bands Dj's Retail Stores

Whether you want to retain customers, build your brand, boost your business or reward customer loyalty, nothing compares to tapping into the mobile phone's power of immediacy.
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